Santorini & Mykonos, Greece// 17.07.14-26.07.14

So first things first, it has been a year since I’ve last posted anything. Not going to lie, kind of forgot about this. But hey, it’s the summer, I’m finally done with high school and I’m bored out of my mind, so why not. It has been a month since I went to Greece and I am still very much suffering from post-Greece-depression, so naturally I decided to make a blogpost about it so I can look at it and cry some more (okay not quite). So, uh, behold, pictures from Greece!

Day 1
Classic shot from the airplane window. Can I just add that I took this on my phone when they specifically had the ‘no electronics’ sign on. That’s right. Straight after checking into our room we decided to head out to explore the town of Fira and find some place to eat for our first night in Santorini

This time with me, right outside our lovely Anteliz Suites

The sun set right as we were about to head off

Day 2

Since the night before was a relatively (I use this word loosely) early night, we were up the next morning and ready to spend the day touring around Santorini. Kudos to Yu for booking us to visit the volcanoes, a hot spring and have lunch on another smaller island in the area.

Our lunch time spot, where we all re-discovered our love for Calamari. 

Schlumping up the streets back to our hotel room. We were pretty exhaustedAs we had such a busy day, I figured we would call it a night after dinner to recover. Nope. 

Day 3

Seeing as we barely got enough sleep the previous night, what better way to pass out than on a beach?? 

I kid you not, those little pebbles went everywhere. Everywhere.
Some sunset pictures, of course (how basic of us), before heading out to sample another one of Fira’s amazing restaurants (I could go on and on about the pesto pasta)Day 4

I don’t think I have very many pictures from this day because we mainly spent the day shopping around Fira. So many nice little jewellery shops there, very dangerous for me. Also seeing as this was our last night I think we all just weren’t that bothered with pictures and we just wanted to enjoy the momentJust because we didn’t want to pose for photos, didn’t mean this little cutie was going to follow. I present to you, Sunset Kitty



So seeing as I barely have any photos from Mykonos… (well I do actually they’re just all ratchet selfies) I guess I’ll just write more. The photo below was us on our hotel shuttle right after our 3 hour long ferry from Santorini, which was actually kind of heaven because it meant that we could catch up on sleep! Even exhausted from the night before, we still went out on our first night, for Paradise’s 10th Anniversary. I did expect more, but I’m not really complaining hehe

And this was from our last night! We went back to Paradise, as we figured why not since we realised that our first night was actually pretty good. Little did we expect how incredible the live DJs were going to be. Wow. I’ll link some of my favourites from them below, absolutely unbelievable!

When the sax starts in this one, just wow.


Well I guess this is it, I will be uploading more content from random things I do this summer!

Until the next time, (which will not be a year ha ha)

Manpreet x

Long time no see

Hello everyone and anyone who may be reading this,

I honestly am not going to bother apologising for not updating this space because it’s slightly ridiculous with the amount of work I have currently. It’s currently 12.33 AM and I am sitting in my bed desperately trying to finish university supplements that I know are rubbish. It’s been a very long and stressful past couple of months and I’m not sure what I want to do with this site. I have been taking the odd photos here and there but they’re just not worthy of having their own post (i am extremely out of practice). I think for now I’m going to use this space as a sort of thoughts journal as I’ve seen a lot of things creeping up on the internet lately that I’ve been dying to share my opinion about. 

I really liked my regimen of updating this space every Sunday and I think I’m going to continue this to the best of my ability. I wish you all are having a wonderful October, and I bid you farewell for now.

Manpreet x


A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Moshi Moshi Everyone!

I’ve been in Japan for the past week, and last Wednesday I got to take my little brother to Disneyland, along with my friend from boarding school! I don’t think I can begin to describe my love for Disney and Disneyland. Well, the old Disney anyway. Anyways, after getting slightly lost in the train station, we made it! We walked through the big fairytale gates and a huge smile was seen on my little brother’s face. We were immediately greeted by hundreds of people, beautiful sunshine, and the famous Disney tunes we all know, and love, playing in the background. Yu and I didn’t get to go on all the rides we wanted to, but we managed to get through a fair amount given the heat and lack of shade. We explored all, from a river cruise down a tiny stretch of water, to the dark world of Space Mountain. With the good ol’ Disneyland food of ice cream, cold soft drinks, and french fries, I never thought my favourite part of the day would be the night parade! It was absolutely amazing, to see thousands of lights literally dancing on the streets as the audience cheered and waved to their favourite characters.

I hope you enjoy a few pictures from the day, and Happy reading!

Little brother trying on my sunglasses - he actually wore them for a good 20 minutes!

Little brother wearing my huge sunglasses – the little monster didn’t give them back to me for half an hour!


The infamous Tea Cup Ride from Alice in Wonderland. Me and Yu are such pansies. Yes, I did just say pansies. As soon as we would start to go just a tiny bit faster, one of us would stop it as we couldn’t handle the dizziness! Still fun though!


Happy bunnies posing in front of the castle. Mind the sweaty faces, and the fact that I look like a walrus


In the line for “It’s a Small World After All” – This ride will never get old


On the ride


Just me creeping on random people eating dinner no big deal, I just really liked the colours – it was just before sunset


The Crowd at the entrance, taken a few minutes before the Evening Parade


Loving the little details the team at Disneyland put in


Mickey-mouse shaped desserts. Enough said. 



Excitement at the start of the evening parade




Having some fun with light painting

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 9.18.24 PMIMG_9436

my home girl


Few Changes

Hello everyone, a couple of quick things before you read the next post.

Firstly, I got pretty good at updating my blog every 2 days or so, but if you look now it says the last time I updated was in May. This is because I deleted quite a few posts as I wasn’t happy with how they looked and I decided that I want this blog to focus more on photography. I will blog as well, but I’d rather all the pictures I use are my own.

Secondly, I’ve just come back from a week-long holiday to Japan. It was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to share all my memories on this blog. As of now, I’ve only managed to sort through the photos from Disneyland, so those will be the ones I will upload first.

Finally, I promise to be more frequent, I really want to please the small amount of followers I do have!

Happy reading! ~Manpreet

My Heart’s a Mess

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting for a while, been suuuper busy with school (when am I not). Anyways, quick update, I’ve recently bought some new books on film photography so as soon as I fix my film camera (my baby, the canon ae-1) I should be back to shooting film! In the meanwhile, here are some photos from a mini photo shoot that i did today with my little diva Mayowa. As usual, some feedback would be much appreciated!

IMG_7912IMG_7890IMG_7866IMG_7901IMG_7865Until next time x

Vivian Maier: The Unknown Legend

I stumbled across this name last week as I was scrolling through my facebook newsfeed. Someone had posted a link to this article about rare photographic negatives found at an auction and immediately I was interested. I read the story quickly, and as soon as I saw the pictures, I knew I was in love. << >>

I have always been drawn to black and white photography, and in fact, was what I started doing first. I used to do film black and white photography for a good year before I went into the digital world. Now enough about me, and back to Vivian.

Vivian, if I can paraphrase efficiently, was born in New York, but lived in France until her early 20s. She then returned to New York, and worked as a nanny for the next 40 years of her life. She would just take photos of people on the streets, but no one truly knew how remarkable her photos were. She kept them locked up in her room, and never showed to a single soul. It was only once her undeveloped negatives were found, and developed by John Maloof who purchased them at an auction, that her talent was recognised. It strikes me that not a single person knew about her talent – I mean surely they would have knew she possessed some talent if she was constantly taking photos?

She did develop some of her photos, but she had some 100,000 photos undeveloped. On the prints that she did make, she made sure to use an obscure name to give to the shop, and she gave them very specific instructions on how to develop and process the negatives. 

Below are some examples of her work:


ImageIt doesn’t take a good photographer to know that these photographs are absolutely stunning. The clear contrast and the unusual subjects and depth of fields and really just everything about these photographs give me chills! She also has some colour rolls but they simply can’t compare to these beauties. 

I love how she managed to stay so simple in her photographing – no fancy sets, no fancy lighting, just her, her camera, her talent, and her braveness to shoot people on the street whom she probably didn’t know. But I hate how no one was aware of her talent, and in fact she passed away without knowing that one day her photographs would rock the internet world.

This makes me think about how photographers nowadays (well at least teenage photographers anyway) are always on the hunt to get more ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ or whatever on various social networking sites. There’s no harm in that, but sometimes we get lost in the process, and lose sight of what’s really important here. So, I guess, I really just want to say thank you, Vivian Maier, for truly being a photographer just for the love of it, and not for any other reason. 

I know today isn’t Wednesday, but I couldn’t help but do a post on her.

I hope these photographs inspire you as they inspired me!

Until next time,